Digital Roads

Our roads are digital. Information can literally travel at the speed of light. Much like the automobile, however, we currently face increasing problems as these devices spread and cause digital traffic jams of music, pictures, and videos. Read on…

Scott in Zambia

Check out our VP, Scott Hagizadegan, in Zambia this last summer! IGNISIS regularly partners with Retail Orphan Initiative (ROI) and other tech executives on trips to help vulnerable children throughout the world. We’re so thankful to have the opportunity to bring our tech knowledge, resources, and hearts to help children and orphanages in need. Check out to learn how you can get involved!

Keep the Bus Moving…

“Business Critical applications now dominate our companies. Even with the “right people on the bus”, our bus can come to a screeching halt on the highway of profitability and excellent service if we do not have 100% access and full usability of the business critical apps, servers, and client data that keep our companies running effectively.”