Here at IGNISIS™, we pioneered an industry-wide paradigm shift with our Bandwidth as a Service (BaaS) enterprise solution.

This proprietary technology embodies a full recipe of disciplines: connectivity, multi-carrier redundancy, load balancing, traffic shaping, content filtering, internet security, multi-carrier management, and custom billing into one customer-focused suite.



Did you know that single-circuit connections host over 18 vulnerabilities that could yield an outage at any time? Multi-circuit, single-carrier connections provide a false sense of security because a carrier outage can bring down all your circuits. For true redundancy, you need circuits from entirely different carriers that do not share routes or hardware.

Sadly, the majority of American retailers still risk business disruptions and customer dissatisfaction by not having true redundancy, even though the majority of their workdays are spent working on business-critical applications that depend on their network. BaaS is a smarter, more intelligent way of using bandwidth to achieve true redundancy at a fraction of the cost.



Nearly 75 percent of employees spend some portion of the workday on social media, with nearly 30 percent saying they spend an hour or more, according to the 2013 Ethics Resource Center report. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all the latest and greatest social sites, accessible with a few keystrokes, it’s highly probable that these sites are consuming more bandwidth than you know.

The logic is simple: If you can’t see what’s going across your network, you can’t be sure your resources are being used for business purposes, or even by authorized users. Visibility through tracking and reporting is as essential as your surveillance and loss prevention measures, so let our tech engineers set up real-time monitoring and traffic shaping rules that create a profitable, distraction-free environment without suffocating your employees.


How many of your employees are streaming their favorite shows, concerts, or movies while on the clock? Has the day arrived to surrender to the inevitability of employees guzzling bandwidth for personal purposes? Control makes all of the difference, and BaaS is essentially about intelligent ways to make the best use of what you already have.

Having zero control over what is consuming your bandwidth is a sickening feeling, and as if that isn’t bad enough, here’s a few more reasons why network control matters:

  • On average, 64% network traffic is recreational usage.
  • Adding more bandwidth without visibility only elevates network congestion and increases your monthly bill.
  • It costs less to know what & who is using bandwidth and control it, than it does to add more bandwidth.
  • Today’s real-time and business essential apps simply demand it.
  • Too often businesses make costly “poor” decisions without the right information.

Do I need this?

BaaS Packages are customized to your company’s bandwidth needs, employee regulations, profitable applications, security guidelines, budget, and more. Learn more, contact IGNISIS at (800) 549-6626. We’ve also provided this whitepaper on the 4 essential network elements, just click to download.