Managed Services

The magic in our model is that we have a total staff of 60 people and we bend over backwards to arrange the best things in the world for you. Everything the provider says they can do, we are offering as well, plus our value-added services on top.

Multi-Provider Management

While carriers are excellent at providing world-class networks, major carriers historically fail in providing a single point of contact, simple customized billing, or creative solutions for companies that have less than 1500 employees. IGNISIS gives you best-in-class providers and products while acting as an extension of your IT staff, ensuring smooth installations, upgrades, troubleshooting and repairs.

Application Reporting, Shaping and Control

How do you accelerate your critical business applications without constantly purchasing bandwidth upgrades? Two words: WAN Optimization. IGNISIS offers a variety of bandwidth management technologies to accelerate the delivery of internal, external, and latency-sensitive real-time applications to distributed users across the extended enterprise – resulting in faster decision-making and enhanced competitiveness.

A few examples for your pleasure:

  • Layer 7 traffic classification and discovery to precisely identify traffic
  • Traffic shaping to control bandwidth utilization by application
  • Compression and caching technologies to reduce bandwidth utilization
  • Video stream-splitting to reduce bandwidth utilization

Network Visibility & Reporting

Up to 70% of network usage is recreational. With real-time reporting and usage controls, companies can stop network abuse and avoid purchasing additional bandwidth. Our Bandwidth Usage Reports give you the intelligence and control you need to ensure access to your critical applications and to protect your business.

Network Security

At the heart of every IGNISIS network security solution is our RFDPI engine. This RFDPI technology unifies multiple security products into a single integrated suite, enabling administrators to manage local, remote, and mobile network security simply and cost-effectively. RFDPI increases productivity by allowing IT to create reusable and adaptive policy control, and it scales rapidly to meet the needs of the most high-performance networks. Additionally, every IGNISIS appliance (both NSA and E-Class NSA Series) is configured into a customized network security solution using an expansive array of seamlessly integrated services.

Email Spam Filtering & Threat Prevention

IGNISIS’ Enforced Client and Server Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware delivers comprehensive virus and spyware protection for laptops, desktops, and servers using a single integrated client for automated, consolidated, real-time deployment across networks. Our Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS) reduces overhead by consolidating solutions into one click, and fully deploys in just ten minutes.

Are my applications vulnerable?

 Don’t wait to see what happens when your business-critical applications lose connection, find your network’s vulnerable points before it’s too late! Call (800) 549-6626 now to learn about our free network performance analysis.