Our VoIP customers receive thorough LAN and WAN readiness testing and deployment verification because we believe that if implemented correctly, VoIP is actually one of the most powerful tools for your business today.

Top 5 Benefits of VoIP from IGNISIS

  1. Savings of 40-70% via line reduction with exclusive line sharing and pooling
    This means you share lines throughout all sites and users, and you only pay for what is used.
  2. Online portal for changes and disaster recovery
    Allows you to make all changes on the fly at no charge, and to set up predetermined call routes in the event of a disaster.
  3. Remote workplace flexibility
    Easily allows remote workers to be a seamless extension of the office.
  4. Unified communications: video conferencing, voicemail to e-mail, find me/follow me, and dozens of other popular features
    Brings together multiple technologies for ease of use.
  5. Future (obsolescence) proof with latest technology upgrades via automatic updates
    Eliminates systems that become outdated and expensive to maintain over time.

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SIP Trunking

IGNISIS IP Trunking combines local- and long-distance phone service with high-speed Internet access that works seamlessly with your existing telephone system. There’s no new telephone equipment to buy, providing a clear and cost-effective migration path to IP-enable your business.


Also known as blended architecture, Hyprid VoIP combines on-premise IP communication appliances with cloud-based services to create a complete, feature-rich business telephone system, greatly reducing the amount of traffic on your company’s internet connections.

Hosted VoIP

IGNISIS Hosted Voice delivers more functionality than a traditional phone system, without the costs of managing and maintaining a PBX. Hosted Voice features help you work smarter and increase your overall productivity, meaning no more phone tag, missed calls, or hotel long distance surcharges.

exc-02-02Key Differentiator

Vendors who sell VoIP products and services without adequate pre- and post- testing can leave you talking to yourselves. A holistic view and understanding of controlling IP with QoS for voice at 3 different levels is paramount to a successful VoIP project. Most phone system providers and Telecom Analysts have no knowledge or experience of these intricacies, and only become exposed after deployment. IGNISIS brings this knowledge from the get-go, and our Rapid Net Support provides next-day replacements on all managed equipment (phones, switches, routers, firewalls, IADs, wireless cards, etc.). Complete confidence on the install, complete confidence in our follow-through.

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With more than 1,500 VoIP implementations under our belt, our Level III Tech Engineers examine every facet of your network to help you choose the best option. Learn about our VoIP Readiness Assessment – call 661-414-1000 now!