Improve Application Performance

Sluggish applications are one of the greatest productivity chokeholds in the workplace. The simultaneous sharing of files and data over Wide Area Networks (WANs) and the increasing numbers of workers social networking at work are but two factors in this perfect storm of unproductivity and inefficiency that surrounds business applications.

The IGNISIS Solution

Secure network optimization technologies that prioritize mission-critical or revenue-producing applications and continually shape traffic and bandwidth.

Lower latency and better app performance are at the top of many companies’ wish lists, and yet workforce trends are rapidly progressing towards practices that steal bandwidth from your business critical apps. Applications are getting smarter at outwitting bandwidth controls, and traffic that isn’t time-sensitive such as emails, backups, or personal web access can swamp WANs. Voice, video, and media-rich applications are pushing more traffic onto IP networks, creating congestion.

Our multi-faceted solution links network optimization and security for tighter control over certain traffic that causes bandwidth congestion. IGNISIS supports this integration with real-time visualization that identifies network inefficiencies and intelligent traffic shaping and WAN optimization. The result? Network traffic and application sharing between branch offices and remote employees will have lower latency and better performance, bringing user experience and productivity to all-time highs.

Receive an Application Performance Analysis to see a real-time visualization of what’s happening on your network, how employees are utilizing resources, and how applications impact your network on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.