Move Our Business to VoIP

Moving to a VoIP system reduces cost and dependency on giant telecom companies. Our VoIP systems are always backed up and always updated, the ultimate communication tool for companies on the move throughout the world. The question isn’t why your business should switch to VoIP, it’s when.

The IGNISIS Solution

World-class engineering and a SuperPOP (Point of Presence) architecture, which minimizes use of the public Internet and places your VoIP calls just one hop away from most major Internet backbone carriers. Stress-free, lightning fast, and exceptionably reliable.

We believe that service is the ideal solution for today’s businesses seeking the benefits of VoIP without a substantial capital outlay. IGNISIS offers IP Trunking, Hosted VoIP, or Hybrid VoIP solutions.

Converging your voice and data onto your enterprise network makes it possible to:

  • Eliminate long distance charges, Eliminate Add/Move/Change charges
  • Use your laptop and softphone instead of your cell phone to save mobile minutes and charges

Increase Productivity and Future-Proof Your Business

  • Integrate voicemail with e-mail for remote retrieval
  • Ring your office, cell, or home phones simultaneously or one at a time, so you never miss a call
  • Get phones up and operating at new locations in a fraction of the time of traditional systems
  • Integrate your telephone system with your CRM or back office applications

Connect Your Entire Enterprise as a Single Complete Telephone System

  • Eliminate interoffice dialing – make every phone in your enterprise an extension of the main number
  • Add telecommuters and other remote users as if they were in the office
  • Maintain business continuity in the event of a disaster with automatic call redirection