Moving To The Cloud

Many companies take for granted that having an application on your own network means you will always have access and control over the performance of the application. When you move critical applications like your CRM, content storage, video conferencing, or accounting applications to the cloud, instant access and superior performance are no longer guarantees.

The IGNISIS Solution

Continual traffic shaping, WAN optimization, and 300-second response to outages for those moving critical applications to the cloud.

The effectiveness and efficiency of moving those apps to the cloud is threatened every time your network or your cloud provider’s network goes down or your bandwidth is clogged.

We provide you with true redundancy so that even if you lose your connection, there’s always a backup line in place from another carrier. But even if you have a connection, what’s to say that your application performance will be fast? Our IGNISIS Managed Services provides application reporting, shaping and control for high-velocity performance on all business critical applications regardless of whether they live in the cloud.