Prevent Network Outages

A conservative estimate from Gartner pegs the hourly cost of downtime for computer networks at $42,000, so a company that suffers from worse than average downtime of 175 hours a year can lose more than $7 million per year. In addition to the loss of revenue, you also sacrifice customer reputation and employee productivity every time a network outage occurs.

The IGNISIS Solution

True redundancy from multiple carriers and real-time monitoring by a team of Level III Tech Engineers.

Our motto wouldn’t be “Always Up, Always Fast” unless we had a surefire methodology for how to accomplish this for all varieties of small, medium, and enterprise companies. We provide multi-path redundancy that fits your needs:

  • Enterprise Method: High-capacity circuits like T1s or Ethernet
  • Medium Business Method: One high-capacity circuit and one lower cost circuit
  • Small Business / Creative Method: Use one primary DSL or cable, utilize 4G Wireless as the backup

From there, our team continually monitors your connections, controlling your network traffic with load balancing, shaping, and prioritization. If an outage does occur, we’re into the issue within 300 seconds by contract, and we have priority NOC access with our carriers as well as a field team of 10,000 technicians who are standing by to help.