Secure Network

Statistics show that less than 10% of organizations are “fully aware” of the devices accessing their network. More and more businesses are encouraging BYOD policies, but approximately 80% of BYOD activity is going unmanaged. How can you give your employees the mobility and freedom they need, while not forfeiting your company’s top secrets and methodologies?

The IGNISIS Solution

Firewalls that tightly integrate intrusion prevention, malware protection, and Application Intelligence and Control with real-time Visualization.

With VPN technologies, organizations now can transmit data securely to its destination without the risk of it being corrupted or hijacked. IGNISIS offers a broad range of VPN-based network security solutions that facilitate both telecommuting and mobile computing. Better yet, we utilize Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) that scans against multiple application types and protocols, ensuring your network is protected from both internal and external attacks and application vulnerabilities.

Multi-layered security is the only way to go in today’s digital world. Our network protection solution includes content security management, SSL VPN appliances, backup and recovery solutions for automatic, real-time data backup, and last but not least, real-time management and reporting. We are able to manage a few or thousands of appliances and wireless connections, giving you a solution that scales with your company.