Our Philosophy

When IGNISIS was founded, we asked ourselves, “What most frustrates us about major telecom providers and the services they offer, and the services that they don’t offer?” The answer was multi-faceted, from pitiful response times to blame-shifting, to the need to continually purchase additional bandwidth. Once we fully understood these pain-points, we burrowed into creating an all-in-one solution that honored the customer’s wishes at every step along the way.

Our clients love what we came up with

We believe that design drives outcome, so we positioned IGNISIS as a Virtual Network Operator (VNO). Instead of being married to a carrier or a specific service offering, we can arrange the best ingredients in the world for your specific needs, whether that be bandwidth aggregation, hybrid VoIP, 4G Wireless, application control, email threat prevention, or any other managed services. We take ownership of it all, a complete end-to-end solution, to make sure we deliver on our promise to you of “Always Up, Always Fast.”
In essence, we have engineered a way to resolve your network issues in minutes instead of hours. Every action we take on your behalf is with your team and your end users in mind, from our business setup to our custom billing solutions, to the additional three hours per month of phone-based LAN support, even for products and services not purchased from IGNISIS.

Our customer service philosophy has been cultivated from Ken Blanchard’s book on Raving Fan Service, which argues that just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough in today’s noisy economy. We take pride in devoting time to discover every client’s goals, even the unspoken ones, and then we ferociously build lasting relationships with each client and their IT team. We call people by name and work tirelessly to produce consistent results on every front.

At the end of the day, it’s simply about people serving people. People arrive with needs and people go out and serve them to fulfill those needs. Here at IGNISIS, we find value in not only fulfilling your needs, but exceeding your expectations. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver, and as a result our customers have become Raving Fans. Just ask them for yourselves.

Over and over again, we hear about how much time is wasted with the selection and management of multiple vendors. To worsen the matter, even more companies end up “stuck in limbo” waiting for support while their vendors point fingers at each others’ equipment and services. We knew you would grow weary of the blame game, which is why we built up a broad partnership base of 33 voice and data carriers, allowing us to be carrier and hardware agnostic. This means we design and deliver what is best for you; and we offer a greater range of connectivity options than any single carrier.

Unlike carriers or agents, if we sell you a solution it will include design, implementation and maintenance for an end-to-end solution that eliminates needless complexities and headaches. This is hugely valuable when it comes to day-to-day maintenance in troubleshooting and time-to-resolution. Instead of making multiple phone calls, you only have to make one, and we have priority access with our carriers to guarantee the fastest resolution possible.