Our Team

IGNISIS is your IT arm, your go-to technology provider, the Robin to your Batman. We know that the best way to ensure that your problem is resolved within minutes instead of hours is to hire only the best in technical engineering and support. Our team of only Level III Engineers have NOC access with all of our carriers, and we can handle around 80% of your network issues without having to involve you or your team.

10,000 Technicians on Your Side

IGNISIS has a network of 45 people at our carriers who support us around the clock, and a field network of 10,000 technicians who are ready to be deployed to your stores throughout the nation. This translates to having a technician at your store within 30 minutes of an outage.

A Single Call with a Happy Team Member

We love interacting with clients, which is why IGNISIS does not utilize an automatic answering system. Every time you call IGNISIS, you’ll be greeted with “It’s a great day at IGNISIS” and immediately connected to your Level III Tech Engineer who knows you and your project like the back of their hand.

During business hours (6 am – 6 pm PT M‐F), your calls will always be answered by a live person. After hours, calls for support will be returned within 300 seconds by the same Level 3 Support Specialists who serve you during business hours, guaranteed.

Complimentary Deep Dive Support and Consulting

IGNISIS offers every customer up to three hours per month of phone‐based LAN support, even for products and services not purchased from IGNISIS. We also provide customers with complimentary consultation services and extensive LAN and WAN readiness testing and deployment verification. IGNISIS is your “go to” technology partner.