Our Tech

How do we ensure that everything is always up, always fast? We start with looking at your network and every piece of data that travels on your connections. Then, we identify what applications make you money and what it takes for your company to work efficiently. Once identified, we make sure those applications and connections are never down by giving you diverse paths from multiple carriers and integrating our proprietary bandwidth aggregation method.

Better than Best Practice 

98% of the industry tests network health once every 300 seconds (5 minutes). We at IGNISIS pull your network 5 times every 15 seconds, which means we test your network 2,102,400 times each year as compared to the industry standard of 105,120 times per year. This gives us a much more accurate picture of the health of each connection and allows us to troubleshoot with laser focus and resolve circuit issues faster. The main differentiator, however, is that we actually pay attention to these network tests and receive real-time alerts.

IGNISIS is currently at 85.4% for proactive connectivity tickets for 2016 across all clients’ networks. This means that over ¾ of the time, we identify problems before you even know they exist.

Proprietary Technology

IGNISIS received a Gutenberg reward in 2004 for a proprietary File Transfer System (FTS Server) built specifically for our clients in the printing industry. Printing companies turn profit by efficiently moving print jobs in and out of the door. The problem was, many times customers were sending files to the FTP server but the printer wouldn’t know it was there. Clients would have to call the printer every time they sent the file, or the connection would go down, hurting efficiency and greatly reducing job turnaround.

At a time when people were burning data and jobs onto discs, we built a custom solution that continues to be automatically included in our service offerings. Our FTS Server allows you to send any size of file, cross-platform, and it provides alerts to printers and confirmation messages to their clients.

Full Network Visibility

Up to 70% of network usage is recreational. With real-time reporting and usage controls, companies can stop network abuse and avoid purchasing additional bandwidth. In enterprise networks that are overwhelmed by increasing amounts of traffic, un-managed congestion at WAN and Internet links undermines application performance and results in impaired employee and company productivity.

If more bandwidth is not the answer, what is? More visibility and control over bandwidth allocation and utilization is what’s needed. Specifically, you need to:

  • Improve and protect the performance of your urgent and critical business applications.
  • Pace important but less urgent traffic (such as large email attachments).
  • Spot and stop malicious security threats.
  • Limit recreational traffic and its impact on critical traffic.
  • Provision bandwidth for streaming applications to ensure smooth reception.
  • Compress traffic to fit more data through the constrained links.

NOC Access

Our team troubleshoots faster than most because of our unique wholesale relationships. In a normal scenario, you have carriers and agents (VARs). Whereas agents can work with as many carriers as us and may somewhat look like us, the reality is they will always pick the best solution based on their offering. Once they sell you service from a carrier, the agent will have no control over ongoing support for you and your team.

IGNISIS has designed a level of service that is far superior. As a Virtual Network Operator (VNO), we provide the best of both the agent and carrier worlds. We negotiated master service agreements with carriers to obtain NOC access, which means we have priority access from our Level III Engineers to theirs. While our team can handle most of the issues without calling the carrier, we will front-of-the-line access to their network team when that time comes.