Your Risk

Say you’re in the middle of a year-end videoconference with your global team when your connection fails. Even if you are able to reconnect, chances are you’ve lost focus, momentum, and definitely efficiency. How about a sales call with your biggest lead yet? If we were you, we’d hate to be worrying about lag time, white noise, or worse yet, dropping the call.

Leaving your network and phone lines to chance is extremely risky for retailers, service-based companies, and cloud-based companies. In fact, a conservative estimate from Gartner pegs the hourly cost of downtime for computer networks at $42,000, so a company that suffers from worse than average downtime of 175 hours a year can lose more than $7 million per year.


We will customize a best-in-market solution alongside your IT that eliminates these risks while adhering to your budget. To sweeten the deal, we offer you a free network performance analysis (a service valued at $750) to identify weak points in your network. Simply call us at (800) 549-6626 or complete your request on this form.

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